Saturday, November 8, 2008

Point Blank! Everything is going to be Alright

From the title of my blog you would think I was referring to the election like every other McCain backer over the last few days, but in fact that is referring to a statement given to my wife and I by a minister. Last Sunday he was at our church to preach, but in our service he didn't get the opportunity as God moved in a very powerful way. As God started to move there was a call to come down if you needed anything from God. Chrissy and I came to a separate decision to not go down for prayer again for whatever reason. You know that feeling that you are being looked at, but you avoid looking in that direction no matter what happens you focus on something else? Well that was much the feeling I had as Floyd Lahaun walked down the aisle. It seemed that he made a bee line straight for me, and as he tapped me for prayer I moved out into the aisle with the thought I will not go down. For those that don't understand that, I meant get slain in the spirit which used to happen alot in pentecostal Church's. Now I observe a lot of things in church services and I do recognize the move of God when it happens, and there are times that people do what is expected. They dance, get slain whatever the "format" of the service is. I know that most are right on but there are always fakes in every crowd. I have always been careful with the spirit especially since I know I could do better imitations of the move of God than most. So there I was thinking to myself I won't go down. He prayed for what seemed a few minutes and I felt the push to go down. Then he stopped and touched my heart and said "Point Blank son I don't know what you are dealing with but God wants to consume you he wants you to give him everything you have including your problems and your fears." Now as much as I would like that to be a direct quote I was already sobbing so hard I could hardly breathe just after he used my own catch phrase against est me, point blank" As he touched my forehead again I remember my knees buckling and then I was coming to next to my wife, who apparently had also had an experience. As we stood up and moved back into our seat who should come back down the aisle but Floyd Lahaun, this time with a mike. He came up to us and started telling us that what he had to say no one in the church may understand, but that he knew God had words for us directly. Those words were Point Blank,everything is going to be alright. That no matter what had happened that God said it was going to be alright. Then of course he touched me with the red Bible again and I went down without even a thought in my head, I do know I was crying like a kid again. My wife told me later that she had been forced to a seat by me because I had such a tight hug on her. He had her stand up to put her back down again. For those of you that know what we have been through here recently and many in the audience that day, the immediate thought is the miscarriage. For my wife and I there was so much more that ran through our minds. The ministry we are getting ready to embark on and all the issues like our finances that are involved getting there. Yes the miscarriage was in our mind, bigger in Chrissy's than mine, but God had already showed us peace in that. You would think that after two knockouts from God that our day would be over but no at that evenings service he came down the aisle to us again and asked if we were the same couple from across the aisle that morning, of course we were. He told us that God had had us on his mind all day! Then he told us again, everything is going to be alright. This time I ended up on my face before God, half crying half laughing it seemed. I know this God is good, I never felt so relieved as I did that day. I know now that everything is going to be alright... Point Blank