Saturday, February 28, 2009


Tell me why the films of the 80's are still good lol. I am sitting here this morning watching The Karate Kid movies and wondering why our modern movies although have better technology still suck in comparison. I find it sad that I can't sit down with my kids and watch a good Karate movie without fear of having their minds polluted with things that no human being, let alone a child should see or hear. For the record I love the new movies too I just find so few that I can watch with my kids and enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Forum Crawling

I have found myself these last few days really looking at a ton of forums. My mother and aunt have even tried to get me to post on one of theirs which has some very hotly contested topics. My problem with all of this is that as much as I like to debate there are some people on these forums that really just need a serious spanking(insert violent beating here for the rated r version). With the recent elections I have seen things like "it's the first time I slept in 8 years or I can now fly my flag outside(apparently I misunderstood the meaning as I always thought it supported the troops but this lady said I was wrong that it meant support of the President... yeah right) and the list goes on and on. Issues such as abortion get debated by the ill informed on both sides, yet when someone comes in with a somewhat intelligent discourse they are called every name in the book as if they were the cause of the lack of education to date in that particular posters life. I have actually had my life threatened for presenting an opinion that made them look foolish, and all I said was if the pro abortion people could just settle on a set time that life begins then we could debate but if they continue to be all over the pregnancy timeline we will continue to call them out for not really knowing any facts concerning the conception of life. No I don't think sperm or egg is alive in the sentient sense, which seems to always be their retort. Anyway life threatened as if he/she knew who I was. I suppose I will post eventually on that forum too though if for no other reason than to have a good reason for always watching over my shoulder lol

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Last Post

Was not directed at Mike Chapman, I think he went about things in the right way. I was referring to those post that slam every little thing that the COG is about. It's bad enough that there are people from outside that slam everything about it without the licensed ministers doing it. In my opinion these people should give up their license. So once again just to make sure it is understood I am not referring to dialogue or discussion that might bring up some various points to be discussed, but to those who feel the need to slam, insult, or otherwise degrade the COG.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This last week has been a hard week for me. Yeah sure we moved into our new building at church which should have been a major time of rejoicing and it was. My problem has been a change in many people whom I may have disagreed with before but still respected. Now I am not one to claim one denomination over the other but I do believe that if you sign on with(hold license) a particular organization then you should at the very least keep your feelings in check so that outsiders don't see a bitterness that comes from you the licensed minister. I have recently read blogs blasting the COG from holders of the highest level of license we have, not just because of the recent charges brought against a minister. I know people are human and they get upset with the system and that is fine. I think there are problems with Christians today, not just the COG. I think that there are Christians out there afraid to let go of their past so they claim that God loves them anyway(which is true) so they don't have to change(not true). We do all have our struggles in our walk but that doesn't mean we can waller in the horse dung we fell in and call it ok. The churches across the board are being infected with an attitude that sin isn't so bad anymore, that we all sin regularly and so it is ok to sin just as long as you proclaim Jesus. What happened to the change when Christ comes into your heart? We have lost our edge as ministers if we preach this watered down message. The point of this blog is this however: its ok to disagree with your organization it is not ok to disagree to the point you start slamming it publicly, this accomplishes nothing and honestly it causes people to not want anything to do with the organization being slammed or any other one for that matter including the in home group you start in protest.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I'm not as good as my wife about keeping this up mostly because I fear what my own rants will do at times. I have always said that my Biblical personality was somewhere between John the Baptist and Peter, in other words I am always on the lookout for a beheading or cruxifiction lol. I do think I will always run just outside of the normal church circles, not that I would choose to be there but because I feel like God designed me to run there. Anyway here is another post just to let everyone know I am still here.