Monday, November 30, 2009

Those pesky resolutions

It is that time of year again and as I look back at my post I may have accomplished one of my new years resolutions! Why do we do this to ourselves anyway, is it some sort of sadomasochistic desire to hurt ourselves or a desire to truly better ourselves? For me I believe it does come from that desire to get better year after year but I fail after the third or fourth month, sometimes the third or fourth day. Its as if I can't pick motivating themes that will keep me going the full year, maybe they are just too hard. Having said all of that I am starting early this year, by the time January 1st hits I plan to have it all mapped out. My theme this year is "Heritage and Legacy" and I plan to revolve most of my resolutions around my kids. Chrissy and I discussed some of them on the way home the other night and we both feel that we need to pour more into our children this year than ever before. This pouring is not only of our time but spiritually as well. In this day where the family is made to be less important we want to lift it up as the most important unit in this country. I will list my resolutions out in a few weeks but until then help me out,have you thought about your resolutions for 2010? If so what do you think they might be?