Monday, June 29, 2009

The Price of Success

This came in my email today and I thought it was worthy of a copy/paste, the author is unknown apparently :)

1. To use all your courage to force yourself to concentrate on the problem in hand; to think of it deeply and constantly; to study it from all angles; and plan ahead.

2. To have a high and sustained determination to achieve what you plan to accomplish, not only when conditions are favorable to its accomplishment, but in spite of all adverse circumstances that may arise.

3. To refuse to believe that there are circumstances sufficiently strong to defeat you in the accomplishment of your purpose. Hard? Of course it is! That's why so many never reach for success, they yield instead to the siren call of the rut and remain on the beaten path that is for beaten people. Nothing of note has ever been achieved without constant endeavor, some pain, and ceaseless application of the lash of ambition.

THAT'S THE PRICE OF SUCCESS... Everyone should ask themselves: Shall I accept the uneasy and inadequate contentment that comes with mediocrity? Or am I willing to endure the pain of this struggle for the rewards and glory that come with achievement?


christina-defining moments said...

2 posts in less than a month - you are on a roll!