Monday, July 27, 2009


Greetings Everyone,

Christina and I are sitting about 5 days from graduation and have sent the last of the announcements out. There were so many people we wanted to send them to, yet as many of you know Lee only gives us so many. We had the option of asking for more but decided it wasn't feasible. So please don't worry that we didn't like you if you don't get one just think more along the lines that we knew you wouldn't freak if you didn't get one lol ;)

Seriously though you are more than welcome to come to the ceremonies or watch them on the web for those who are too far away to make it. I will post that on here once I get the information to the link. We are so thankful to you all for your prayers through all of this and would love to see or hear from each of you on that day. God has brought us through so much over the last two years, yet here we stand ready to complete this leg of the race set before us.

Onto the information that I am sure you all are wondering about! Yes we will be having a sorta party Saturday Evening starting around 5pm. There will be a $20 cover charge but it covers you all night until we lock the doors at 9pm. Early Bird special gets you a discount bringing your total down to $19.95! We are not offering a group discount at this time just in case there are people in your group that I don't like! If you take any of this information away please take away the times as that is really the only thing that is true about all of this paragraph lol ;)


I was selected to carry the banner for the School of Arts and Science which is an awesome honor IMHO